Safety first!

karjäärileid2AS Silikaat carefully monitors factors influencing the environment and the quality of production during mining. Over the years, various ammunition has been found in some working sections of the Männiku quarry. As developing a safe environment is our duty, we will conduct thorough investigations at the slightest doubt to find out what the item is. If necessary, we call in competent authorities for an additional assessment and for approving further action.
From 18th to 25th of May, soil sifting was carried out in Männiku quarry in cooperation with the Demining Centre of the Rescue Board and the Defence Forces. The goal was to sift out and defuse unblasted explosives left behind by the Soviet army. Various different shells, detonators and ammunition sets came out during sifting and were immediately defused.
We want to guarantee that the sifted pavement is 100% explosive-free and safe for consumers as well as the environment!

Tidy up ball courts and playgrounds!

The sand from Männiku quarry by Silikaat continues being in demand in the field of sports. As the weather gets warm, many ball courts and sports fields are tidied up and improved. Due to the increased demand for sand, we request that you let us know about your desire to buy sand well in advance. This way, we can ensure you smooth service as quick as possible.
The sand in ball courts and sports field is fine, light (like beach sand), washed and sifted. During draining, water carries clay particles away from the sand, therefore the sand is clean and does not generate too much dust. Sand by the Silikaat quarry has been used, among others, by FC Nõmme Kalju, Selveri Võrkpalliklubi, FC Kose and others.

Why choose AS Silikaat as your partner in building your home?

  • 100 years of experience and product development
  • Durable, certified construction material which lasts in the volatile Estonian climate
  • Guaranteed satisfaction of the home builder

Silikaattellistest hooneAS Silikaat is the only silicate manufacturer in Estonia throughout the ages. The trademark of the company dates back to 1910. During this time, the product selection has been constantly developed and improved in order to enable the construction of a building which lasts a lifetime. Estonians are known in the entire world for their hard work and building things with their own hands, which is why AS Silikaat wants to offer its clients the best building materials, so that each homeowner can build a dignified home after their own heart. In addition to building a house, the opportunities of using silicate bricks around the house have also increased:

  • build outstanding fence posts out of special fence post modules
  • why not build a durable barbeque oven out of stylish roughly trimmed silicate bricks
  • or make a unique, practical and exciting flower or plant box

Silikaat acknowledged for consistently ensuring quality

iso14001estOn the 3rd of July 2013, AS Silikaat was issued ISO certificates, attesting that the company ensures quality products for the client and does so in an environmentally friendly fashion.

The certificate confirmed the desire of AS Silikaat to improve the quality of product/service and work processes and do this with maximum environmental efficiency.

ISO 9001 attests that the company ensures that promises to clients are fulfilled. For this purpose, the company must display its ability to consistently provide products/services which conform to the client’s as well as applicable legal and normative requirements. ISO 14001 is concerned with the preservation of the environment surrounding the organisation.

Certifying authority Bureau Veritas Eesti OÜ issued certificates conforming to the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 standards to AS Silikaat.

Test results: Silicate the most cold-proof stone in Nordic countries

klombitud_351x256Results of tests conducted in the laboratory of Teede Tehnokeskus in early 2013 confirm the high durability of silicate brick to the freezing and thawing cycle. Test results confirmed that silicate brick is highly cold-proof and its properties meet the demanding Nordic climate where bitter cold alternates with thaw. Tests showed that silicate brick lasts through 125 freezing and thawing cycles, which upon declaration is also the most cold-proof stone in Nordic countries. Today, 50 cycles have been declared for the silicate brick. New tests provide certainty for declaring 125 cycles.

Silikaat awarded the Environmental Act title in extractive industry

Silikaat aukiri Keskkonnategu Mäenduses 2012At the mining conference, the Department of Mining awarded the title for Environmental Act in Extractive Industry 2012 to AS Silikaat, in whose sand quarries are built 7.5 kilometres of running paths for the protected sand lizard.

The mining area of Silikaat is home to category I and II protected species natterjack toad and sand lizard, the dwelling places of black woodpecker, woodlark and little ringed plover have also been detected. Considering the presence of rare and highly protected species in Männiku quarry, Silikaat has created all conditions necessary to preserve their dwelling places in cooperation with scientists.

Silikaat has made extensive investments to construct a dwelling place for sand lizards. This is one of the biggest by area and also one of the most expensive known undertakings in the field of environmental protection outside of the borders of extracting permit areas. In addition to preserving and creating protected dwellings, Silikaat has invested in economical mining. The technology used has been fully exchanged for modern and economical equipment which is as environmentally safe as possible.

Silikaat has also had to deal with a dangerous problem occurring during outcropping – residual contamination by the Soviet army in the form of explosives. Today, approx. 200 explosives have been found and defused.

The sand of Silikaat heads to sports

Nõmme Kalju football club in cooperation with Silikaat opened Estonia’s first full-sized beach football field which conforms to international requirements. 1500 tons of sand brought from the Nõmme quarry of Silikaat was used to make the field. Now, the sand of Silikaat has also made it to sports. This sand will hug your knees when you fall! The sand of Silikaat is fine, light (like beach sand), washed and sifted. This sand has been mined by pump from under the bluish layers of water. During draining, the flowing water takes out dissolved clay particles, thereby removing excess dust from the sand. Sand with these particular properties is used in beach football. In 2012, Silikaat Grupp extended the cooperation contract with the football club for the next three years, taking the position of the main sponsor of Kalju youth together with the trademark of Järve Keskus.
In cooperation with Nõmme Kalju, Silikaat wants to increase the availability of the sport and thereby attract young people to football as well. Supporting the sports-related undertakings of young people in Nõmme, Tallinn and the entire country provides the entire society with positive emotions and creates better opportunities for the development of future talents of the nation.

100 aastat kindlat kivi!